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Safety Code & Statement of Personal Responsibility

★ All visitors to T-UP Climbing Gym for the first time are required to read the 【Safety Code & Rules】carefully and complete the 【 Liability Waiver 】.
★ Minors (under age of 18) must have their waiver filled out by their parent(s) or legal guardian. 

【Safety Code】

[ General Rules ]


.If an emergency occurs (such as fire or earthquake), please follow the instructions of the staff and evacuate from the safety exit.

.Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

.Minors must be instructed by an instructor to use the Training board.

.NO running in the gym.

.Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are prohibited. No dangerous goods are allowed in the gym. No fires are permitted.

.When climbing, please consider the technique used as well as your individual condition, such as injury history and fitness level, to reduce the risk of over-training. Propriate warm-up and cool-down exercise is highly recommended.

T-UP provides workout equipment for use. To prevent injury, please consider your individual condition when use.

.Unauthorized climbing/belay trainings or courses are prohibited.

.When passing through the climbing area, always be vigilant. Beware not to interrupt climbers and belayers.

.For your safety, please pay attention to the above and surroundings when stay at the climbing wall area.

.For your and other climber’s safety, do not linger on the climbing crash mats. 

.Do not put personal belongings on the climbing crash mats.

.Food and drinks (except for water) are only permitted in the dining area. Do not drink water on the climbing mats.

.Please report any issues such as loose holds, damaged equipment or an accident to the staff as soon as possible.

.Some areas might be closed temporarily for route setting, courses or events. It is appreciated for your understanding not to stay in closed areas.

.Removing or modifying any climbing holds is prohibited.

.Pets have to be kept on leash in the designated area.

.Any member or guest who steals or intentionally damages any property of T-Up  will be held financially responsible for the damage and subject to prosecution.

.T-UP’s public liability insurance covers the cost of claims made by a guest or a member to the extent of the mandated amount coverage set by Taipei City government.

.T-UP is not responsible for any lost items and personal or property damage. 


[ Climbing Rules ]


.Any climbing must be performed in climbing shoes. Climbing barefoot is prohibited. 

.Climbers who are inexperience in lead climbing/belaying are prohibited from climbing/belaying in the lead areas; Unless he/she is accompanied by an experienced climber who is familiar with lead climbing/belaying.

.Do not conduct belaying if you are not familiar with Top Rope Belay techniques. 

.Children who is under age of 6 is required to wear a helmet when perform TR climbing. Children who is over age of 6 and under 12 is required to wear a helmet when perform lead climbing. 

Climbers under age of 16 (including) must NOT provide leading belay for others.

.Self-belay while climbing is prohibited.

.Do not use climbing gears which are excessively worn or in bad conditions.

.Please use a dynamic rope which is over 30 meter-long for lead climbing. 

.To prevent injury, do not grab or step on the hangers of the climbing wall. 

.Please use the Auto Belay correctly. If you have any uncertainty about the Auto Belay, ask T-UP staff before use.

.When falling from the bouldering wall, try to land with the bottoms of your feet, and hug your arms high and into your chest. 

.  Please avoid landing near the edges of the crash mats. Check the landing area before jumping down from the wall. 

.T-UP staff has the right to stop participants from climbing or belaying if they do not comply with the rules or if they are considered a safety risk to themselves or to others.

.Any matters unmentioned herein will be subjected to T-UP staff’s judgement according to situations. T-UP Climbing reserves the right to modify the safety code and rules. 

【Statement of Personal Responsibility】

.T-UP is dedicated to the operational safety and reliability of the whole facility. I understand climbing contains certain risks including serious injuries or even death and requires specific knowledge and self responsibility for own and others’ safety. I have read and fully acknowledged the safety code and safety instructions of T-Up. I voluntarily assume all risks known or unknown associated with climbing and non-climbing activities.

.I fully recognize that bouldering/climbing is an extreme sport which requires high level of physical exertion. I have considered my health and physical condition and voluntarily enter this facility. I do not hide any existing or past health issues in mental or physical.

.I agree the photos taken by T-UP Climbing can be used for promotion for T-UP Climbing in any ways. If I do not agree, I will let T-UP Climbing know in advance.

[Legal Representative's Agreement]

I (minor) and the legal representative agree and have read the above contents, will comply with the provisions of T-UP Climbing Gym. In the event of any breach of the above safety rules, such as anything happening in the gym, we will never investigate the responsibility of T-UP Climbing Gym.